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Finding cars under $500.00 for sale in your area is not as hard as you may think. If you think of your $500.00 as a down payment on a car, you will have loads more vehicles to choose from. By following a simple process we will help you get a great used car with $500.00 down or less. Although there may be 10 car lots within 5 miles of you, finding the right vehicle that offers you a chance to put 500 down for a car and a low monthly payment. Although in most areas there are dealerships that offer the opportunity, there are also lots that actually specialize in low down payment auto financing. By taking just a few moments and letting us know where you live and the amount you have down, we can show you cars for sale that match your exact needs.


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Buying a used car for $500.00 down is the main goal of many buy here pay here car lots. These types of dealers are set up to help people with bad credit buy a car with a cheap down payment and rebuild their credit at the same time. If you have bad credit or are having a rough time getting approve for an auto loan, even with money down, at other lots in your area than our services will be help. We offer the opportunity to finance a car with bad credit, no credit or with little money down. Each of the used cars for sale on our site are available, in most circumstances, for auto financing with $500 down or less. Simply choose the closest area to you and start looking at different automobiles in your area.

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